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German Influenced - Northwest Inspired

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Common Denominator

4.4% ABV / 35 IBU
German Pilsner & Vienna malts create the nutty, cracker like malt profile while the classic hop flavor & aroma of Saaz balances it all together. Crisp, clean, & bitter, this pilsner is perfect for any occasion.

Sun Medallion

4.8% ABV / 26 IBU
Our tribute to the beers of Cologne, this Kölsch style ale showcases a subtle fruity aroma and a soft, rounded finish from the German pilsner malt. Clean, light, and refreshing.

Lightswitch Rave

5.1% ABV / 39 IBU
Not all hop forward beers need to be IPAs. This IPL is dry & crisp from the German Pilsner malt. Loral & Calista in both the boil & dry hop create a unique flavor & aroma profile of spice, herbal, blackberry & citrus.

Technicolor Dream

6.8% ABV / 21 IBU
Bone dry yet delicate. Hop forward yet restrained in bitterness. A modern interpretation of the West Coast IPA.

Braindead Warrior

6.0% ABV / 45 IBU
A balanced West Coast Pale Ale. Slightly malty but balanced by a soft bitterness and pine flavor with Idaho 7 and Mosaic hops providing aroma of citrus, tropical fruit, and dankness.

Zero Margin

7.0% ABV / 63 IBU
Our take on the West Coast IPA. A clean malt profile lays the foundation for Hallertau Blanc, Belma and Citra hops imparting huge tropical and citrus flavor and aroma.

Goth Beach Party

5.5% ABV / 29 IBU
Picture Robert Smith on the beach. That’s how we like to describe this Black Lager. Coffee, chocolate, and a touch of roast but finishes clear like a pilsner. The perfect summer beer for those of us who prefer the fall.

Festbier Märzen

5.4% ABV / 23 IBU
An ode to our favorite time of year, this rich, malty and highly drinkable amber lager is best enjoyed by the liter.